Alternative Solution

Star Energy Central specialise in residential house energy rating assessments, or star rating assessment using the AccuRate software. These can be performed on new buildings, existing buildings, additions and alterations. A thermal assessment measures a buildings ability to maintain a comfortable internal living environment without the addition of artificial heating and cooling.

Some factors that effect a buildings thermal performance include:

  • Location and climate
  • Orientation and design
  • Construction materials
  • Vegetation and surrounding environment

A thermal calculation gives us a star rating up to 10 stars. The minimum requirements vary depending on what state of Australia the proposed/existing building is located in, with most states at, or moving to a minimum 6 stars. A building that passes the minimum star rating does not have to comply with all elements of the DTS requirements. Achieving the minimum star rating for that location will have shown the proposed building is compliant with its overall performance.

Deemed to Satisfy

This relatively quick method does not have the same flexibility as an alternative solution and is basically a checklist of a buildings individual elements that must meet minimum requirements of the BCA.

If your home or extension does not meet the minimum requirements, we will consult with you and come up with a cost effective solution to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

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